Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered copywriting assistant that helps writers create content faster and more accurately. With the power of AI, it can generate blog posts, marketing copy, and even AI-generated images in a fraction of the time it would take a human writer. So it’s no wonder why Jasper AI has over 3000 5-star reviews!

Jasper.AI Review & Discount For 2023 - Jasper AI Review

But is it worth the hype? We’ve done our research to bring you an honest review of Jasper AI. We’ll look at its features, pricing, and usability to help you decide if this AI writing tool is right for you. We’ll also compare it to other popular tools like ChatGPT so you can decide which one to use.

So whether you’re looking for a way to speed up your content creation process or just curious about what this tool can do, read on to learn everything you need about Jasper AI!

Jasper AI Review [2023]:

Jasper is an AI-powered tool that helps to drive more sales with compelling writing copies. It is also considered one of the best automated copywriting tools that help copywriters write the website’s content, marketing, and affiliate marketing content.

Whether you want to write landing page copies, email ads, and other content, this tool will help you in all cases. However, since this is a cloud-based AI copywriting tool, it mainly focuses on writing high-quality content to improve conversion rates.

 Jasper AI Overview - Jasper AI Review

Users can create 5x times faster content using “boss mode.” Jasper helps improve content writing and generate optimized copies to earn more revenue. In addition, the tool improves your content writing speed, brainstorms blog ideas, and writes sales conversion copies.

The prime benefit of using this tool is that you get a complete article of more than a thousand words in just a few seconds without compromising the quality. Another significant thing about this tool is that you get an integrated Surfer tool, making your articles Seo-optimized.

How Does Jasper.AI Work?

Jasper.AI is a classic artificial intelligence-based tool that generates text with a human-intended approach. It is effortless, and as soon as you choose the plan and create your account, the AI-powered writing tool is ready to generate copies of the content.

how Jasper AI Works- Jasper AI Review

Not just creative writing; it generates content like a pro. Accurate and crisp, and straightforward target the audience. 50+ templates provide a layout for writing articles, blogs, and more.

For instance, I want to write a blog post, so I have used the blog post layout to create the content. After selecting the available templates, input the data, and see how the tool creates the content. Then, it can write content copies within a few minutes.

Who Can Use the Jasper.AI Writing Tool?

It is a creative machine learning and artificial intelligence-based writing tool perfect for writing creative blogs, product descriptions, website content, email copies, and many more.

The tool is best suited for content marketing agencies, a team of writers, and companies who want to boost content writing and improve quality. With this tool, companies can churn out thousands of words of long-form articles very quickly.

Is It Great for Seldom Writers?

Jasper.AI is an excellent tool for those seldom writers who write over 50,000 words within a month. This tool will help boost their productivity, and they get short, crisp, and sales conversion-based content.

At the same time, the plans could be more beginner-friendly, so they might not be suited for a beginner-level writer. So Jasper AI would be great if you have joined any company or worked with the writing teams.

What Features Do You Get in Jasper.AI Tool?

Jasper.AI is an excellent artificial intelligence-based content writing tool that allows you to make premium copies. It is perfect for content marketers, especially those who run content writing agencies and write Seo-friendly content.

The features are as follows:

Here we have listed Jasper AI features, and let’s look.

50+ templates:

Jasper.AI assists you in writing compelling content for websites, emails, Facebook ads, Google ads, and many more. In addition, it provides you with 50+ templates to improve your writing and provide you with fresh content.

Jasper AI Latest Templates- Jasper AI Review

The templates are as follows:

  • Blog post templates
  • Website content templates
  • Blog ideas generator templates
  • Facebook ads, Google Ads, copied templates
  • Email copies templates
  • Video Description templates
  • Product description templates
  • Persuasive bullet points

The tool offers you these kinds of templates. This help makes the perfect layout, conclusions, small paragraphs, calls to action, and marketing content. The templates best suit writing “how-to” and “List Type” articles.

25+ Languages:

Jasper AI 25+ Languages

Jasper.AI tool helps write and read content in more than 25+ languages. It would be an excellent tool to start writing in different languages. Besides that, it is helpful to write 5 times faster content and save time. With this, users can easily convert the content into any language.

Integrated Surfer Seo Tools:

Jasper ai with Surfer SEO

The best part of investing in the Jasper.AI tool is an integrated Surfer Seo tool that helps write impressive Seo-optimized copies. Jasper.ai provides highly optimized Google-friendly copies and lets you write content that can rank on Google.

Uses Cases:

This cool feature lets you write Seo-friendly content and optimized sales ad copies. In addition, the tool helps make the content unique and engaging.

Long-Form Content Assistant:

Jasper.AI offers assistance in writing long-form content such as articles, blogs, emails, scripts, and books. However, the assistant will be available with the pro plans only. The Long form content assistant can speed up the content writing process and improve your productivity two times.

Product Description:

Creating enticing product descriptions becomes more accessible with the Jasper.AI tool. With the intelligent writing tool, you can write product descriptions, emails, and other content.

Generate Blog Ideas:

The tool helps generate the best blog ideas and create the outline of the blogs and articles. Moreover, you can also write long articles and paragraphs quickly.

Review Responder:

If you need more time to review and respond to customer reviews on time, this Jasper.AI tool is your upper hand. All you have to do is copy the review and put it into the template, and it quickly generates the response, which you can easily copy on the platform.

What is Jasper AI Boss Mode:

If you want to see the full power of the Jasper AI, upgrade it to Boss Mode. With Boss Mode, you can write high-quality content that is 100% original and SEO optimized. 

With Boss Mode, you can speed up your content pipeline by 80% by Jasper, and you have to edit only 20% by yourself. It provides high-quality output with better context. Jasper helps you to read past 3000 characters every time before writing for better context. 

Jasper AI Boss Mode is you can long-form content 5x faster. Boss mode is the perfect solution if you want more control over Jasper AI. 

Jasper.AI Recorded Demo:

I like the AI-powered writing tool because you get a six-minute recorded demo about how the tool works for you. Watch the demo before proceeding if you are still trying to figure out how it helps improve content writing. It saves you extra bucks.

The demo also gives you a brief idea of how the tool works and what tone of writing it provides. This would be beneficial to understanding the tool.

In addition, you get a five-day risk-free trial of the tool. So writers can easily make investments and try the tool. If they aren’t satisfied, cancel the plan and ask for their money back.

Jasper Art: AI Image Generator:

In August 2022, Jasper AI launched a revolutionary tool called Jasper Art, an AI image generator. With the help of Jasper Art, you can easily create stunning art within seconds. You can also create images from your texts. From now on, Jasper AI will create a unique article and helps you create unique images based on your suggestions. Unfortunately, these images are so different that you don’t need to stock images anymore.

Pricing Plans of Jasper.AI Tool:

Jasper AI Pricing Plan

There are two pricing plans available.

Starter Plan- At $29 per month:

The plan contains 50+ Ai copywriting skills, unlimited projects, and unlimited user logins. This plan is great for writing short copies, headlines, product descriptions, etc. With this, you can write 20,000 words per month.

Boss Mode- At $99 per month:

  • The plan has everything that helps to write impressive content copies and unlimited logins. This is great for writing the blog post creator, long-form documents, and command Jarvis. This tool helps to write 50,000 words per month.

Which Plan To Choose & Why? 

Jasper AI offers two different pricing plans, but it is challenging for many subscribers to choose one over another. So that’s why we have a comparison table for both plans. 

Features  Starter Plan Boss Mode
Pricing $29 monthly $59 monthly
Monthly Words 20000 50000
Surfer SEO Integration
Short Copy Writing
Plagiarism Checker
Long Copy Writing
Multi-Language Support
Jasper Command
Revision History
Jasper Community Access

Available Discount On Jasper AI:

There is good news Jasper AI is offering a 16% discount on its yearly plan for all its subscribers so that you can save extra money.

Before you move ahead to enjoy the discount deal, be sure to sign up and create the account first. To Signup, go to the website and click on the signup process.

Now, fill in all the relevant details like email addresses and other things. Then, complete the signup process and proceed to the discount deals.

Steps To Claim Jasper AI Discount:

Here we have listed steps that you must follow to grab the Jasper AI discount.

Step 1: Use our special discount link to the Jasper AI official website and click the Pricing button. 

Jasper AI official website

Step 2: Toggle between yearly and monthly plans on the pricing page and select the yearly plan. Now select Starter or Boss plan and click on Signup. 

Jasper AI Yearly Plan

Step 3: Now, create your account by providing your credentials, like name, email, and password; now, hit the button Continue. You can also create your account by using a google account. 

Steps To Claim Jasper AI Discount

Step 4: You will receive a verification code for your given mail id. Enter your code and click on Verify. 

Verification Code

Step 5: You must go through some steps about your business. 

About Business

Step 6: Now, here in the next step, select the annual plan and select Start Free Trial

Select Jasper Plan

Step 7: Enter your payment details and click Start Trial in the final step. 


Enter payment details to get discount

Wow! You have claimed a 16% discount with a 5-day free trial. 

Pros & Cons Of Jasper AI:

Here we have listed the pros & cons of Jasper AI; let’s dive into it.


  • Excellent AI tool for writing five times faster content
  • User-friendly, even beginners can also navigate the tool easily
  • Plagiarism-free content and able to write content copies in different languages
  • Pre-build content templates to improve writing and generate content easily
  • Generate ads, sales copies, and even titles easily
  • Five days free trial


  •  GPT-3 technology is not up to the mark
  • Long-form content assistance sometimes provides repeated information

Final Thoughts On Jasper.AI Tool

After reviewing the tool, Jasper.AI is ideal for creating highly optimized content. It creates engaging titles for blog posts and is also beneficial to writing website content, significantly Seo-optimized articles.

The long-form articles won’t be a headache anymore for you—the tool is ready to deliver the article within a few minutes. However, this would be an excellent tool if you are a pro writer and leading content writing teams.

The downside is that GPT 3 technology could be more impressive, and the tool starter plan only allows you to write 20,000 words monthly. So, you have to shift to its Bose mode plan if you have more requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any free plan available?

No, Jasper.AI doesn’t offer the free plan. However, it provides a five-day Free Trial deal for all its users.

Does it help to write website content copies?

Yes, this AI-powered tool helps write content copies of the website, product descriptions, emails, paid ad copies, and other content.

Can we write affiliate marketing content?

Yes, you can write affiliate marketing content, product descriptions, etc. The tool can help to write 1000s of words within a few minutes. It would be an excellent tool for creative writing copies and save a lot of time.

Is it beneficial for writing Seo-optimized content?

Yes, Jasper.ai now offers integration with the surfer Seo tool, which helps create SEO-optimized content that helps to drive more sales.

Can we generate the titles for the Facebook ads with the Jasper.ai tool?

Yes, you can generate the Facebook ads title and eye-catching blog/article ideas with a single click.

Bottom Line – Jasper AI Review!

Jasper.AI would be an excellent tool for writing content without making errors. This tool would be effective for agencies and writers writing more than 50,000 words monthly.

Now, the discount deal is on, and here we have mentioned the steps to get the deal. You can save up to 16% on a year plan.

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