How to Add Grammarly To Outlook? (Step By Step Guide)

Today Grammarly is the most robust and helpful writing tool for all the writers out there. With its ability to integrate with several applications, you can almost use it in any writing application. So, let us check out how to add Grammarly to Outlook. 

How To Add Grammarly To Outlook - Grammar.LTD

Installing Grammarly to Outlook ensures that your written work, like emails, is well-read and sounds professional. Grammarly has a wide range of integrations and works with various software, making it easy to correct your writing errors on the go and saving you extra time. 

In this article, we will help you install Grammarly in your Outlook with the help of a step-by-step guide. So, you can deliver well-written and more precise emails to increase your credibility. 

With that, let us quickly dive into the article! 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Enable Grammarly in Outlook

This step-by-step- guide will help you install and use Grammarly in your Outlook to avoid embarrassing situations at work and save time by correcting your writing with the AI-based writing tool. 

1. Install Grammarly to Outlook:

The initial step is to install Grammarly in Outlook. With the help of some simple steps, you will be able to install Grammarly to Outlook within no time. 

Step 1: Visit the official Grammarly for Microsoft Outlook webpage by clicking HERE. 

Grammarly for Microsoft Outlook webpage

Step 2: On the home page, click on the green ‘Get the add-in’ button. Grammarly will download to your PC for free. 

Step 3: While installing Grammarly, it will ask you whether you want to download it for Microsoft Word, Outlook, or both. Choose according to your requirement.

Select Outlook

Step 4: After  Grammarly is installed, open MS Outlook and click on the Grammarly icon present at the top menu bar of Outlook. 

Step 5: Click on the ‘Grammarly’ option and create an account or log in to your existing Grammarly account. You can now start using Grammarly in MS Outlook. 

2. Using Grammarly in Outlook:

Now that you have installed Grammarly in Outlook. You can use it anytime you want by using its ‘Open Grammarly’ and Close Grammarly’ options. In addition, you can simply turn it on or off by reaching for the ‘Grammarly’ icon’ present in the menu bar at the top of Outlook.

You can also refer to the Grammarly tab present in Outlook’s top ribbon for advanced suggestions. However, you will have to upgrade to Grammarly premium for more precise tips like tone detecting, rephrasing sentences for clarity, etc. 

As you write, Grammarly will display the total number of suggestions in its sidebar and the Grammarly tab in the top ribbon of Outlook. Grammarly will address the minor writing issue if you have the basic free version, while the Premium version will detect more serious writing errors, offering more clarity to your work. 

The free version states fundamental issues like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and wrong punctuation. While the premium version will additionally detect the tone of your writing, provide you with more clarity in your emails, etc.

3. Customize Grammarly to Edit Your Work:

To make Grammarly user-friendly, it has a fully customizable interface where you can customize your writing goals according to your needs. You can set the writing goals you want to achieve by visiting your ‘My Grammarly.’

My Grammarly

After opening the Grammarly writer, click on ‘Goal’ displayed on the left. Here you can adjust the domain, intent of your writing, what kind of audience you are targeting, and the formality level.  Setting these goals priorly will help Grammarly suggests accurate suggestion while you are working on Outlook. 

Grammarly also lets you create your dictionary. So, for example, you can store specific words like names, companies, etc. Then, all you have to do is when Grammarly highlights a particular name as an error, click on it, and add it to your dictionary by selecting the bottom option. 

So the next time you are writing something on Outlook, it will not point out the existing names in your dictionary as errors which will help you avoid needless suggestions and increase your writing score. 

Perks of Using Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most reliable writing tools because of its AI-based software. The AI-based software suggests fundamental changes and enables you to deliver your writing precision. 

Grammarly is super easy to install. As a result, you do not have to switch platforms while working on Outlook to see the errors in your work. It will make composing your emails more accessible and time-saving. It will automatically point out errors while you proceed to write, and you can make the required changes along the way. 

Moreover, Grammarly also has English language variation options. You can choose from the English language locales to set the tone of your writing. It offers you four options, American English, Canadian English, Australian English, and British English. If you want to know about Grammarly then check our in-depth Grammarly Review here.

Below, we have jotted down a list of advantages of using Grammarly as your writing assistant.  

Benefits of using Grammarly

  • Highly accessible 
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Auto-saves your work
  • The Premium version offers a plagiarism checker
  • Pre-set the tone of your writing

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Signing Off

Undoubtedly, Grammarly is one of the most popular writing assistants because of its exceptional feature and functionalities. And because of its accessible integrations, it makes writing with perfection very easy. 

Adding Grammarly to Outlook makes writing emails highly convenient as you can correct your errors and go further. You also get a brief idea about how your writing looks and can avoid unnecessary mistakes to make a good impression. 

We hope this article helped you install Grammarly to MS Outlook without hassle. But, before you go, just take a moment and let us know your review on Grammarly in the comments section below!

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